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Supercomputing. 6th Russian Supercomputing Days, RuSCDays 2020, Moscow, Russia, September 21–22, 2020, Revised Selected Papers

3D model of wave impact on shore protection structures and algorithm of its parallel implementation
Alexander Sukhinov, Aleksandr Chistyakov and Sofya Protsenko

A Visual-Based Approach for Evaluating Global Optimization Methods
Alexander Sysoyev, Maria Kocheganova, Victor Gergel and Evgeniy Kozinov

Adaptive global optimization using graphics accelerators
Konstantin Barkalov, Ilya Lebedev and Vassili Toropov

Analysis of Key Research Trends in High-Performance Computing using Topic Modeling Technique
Yuri Zelenkov

Application of a novel approach based on geodesic distance and pressure distribution to optimization of automated airframe assembly process
Tatiana Pogarskaia, Maria Churilova and Elodie Bonhomme

Application of supercomputing technologies for numerical implementation of an interaction graph model of natural and technogenic factors in shallow water productivity
Alexander Sukhinov, Alla Nikitina, Alexander Chistyakov, Alena Filina and Vladimir Litvinov

Availability-based Resources Allocation Algorithms in Distributed Computing
Victor Toporkov and Dmitry Yemelyanov

Core algorithms of sparse 3D mipmapping visualization technology
Stepan Orlov, Alexey Kuzin and Alexey Zhuravlev

Describing HPC System Architecture for Understanding its Capabilities
Dmitry Nikitenko, Alexander Antonov, Artem Zheltkov and Vladimir Voevodin

Developing efficient implementation of label propagation algorithm for modern NVIDIA GPUs
Ilya Afanasyev and Dmitry Lichmanov

Development of experimental data processing workflows based on Kubernetes infrastructure and REANA workflow management system
Anton Teslyuk, Sergey Bobkov, Alexey Poyda, Alexander Novikov, Vasily Velikhov and Viacheslav Ilyin

Different partitioning algorithms study applied to a problem of digital rock physics
Evdokia N. Golovchenko, Mikhail V. Yakobovskiy, Vladislav A. Balashov and Evgeny B. Savenkov

Discrete Event Simulation Model of a Desktop Grid System
Evgeny Ivashko, Natalia Nikitina and Alexander Rumyantsev

Drop oscillation modeling
Lev Shchur and Maria Guskova

Enumerating the orthogonal diagonal Latin squares of small order for different types of orthogonality
Eduard Vatutin and Alexey Belyshev

High-Performance Simulation of high-beta plasmas using PIC method
Igor Chernykh, Vitaly Vshivkov, Galina Dudnikova, Tatyana Liseykina, Ekaterina Genrikh, Anna Efimova, Igor Kulikov, Ivan Chernoshtanov and Marina Boronina

Implementation of SL-AV global atmosphere model with 10km resolution
Mikhail Tolstykh, Gordey Goyman, Rostislav Fadeev and Vladimir Shashkin

INMOST platform for parallel multi-physics applications: multi-phase flow in porous media and blood flow coagulation
Kirill Terekhov, Kirill Nikitin and Yuri Vassilevski

Kirchhoff-type implementation of multi-arrival 3-D seismic depth migration with amplitudes preserved
Alexandr Pleshkevich, Anton Ivanov, Vadim Levchenko and Sergey Khilkov

LLVM based parallelization of C programs for GPU
Nikita Kataev

Management of computations with LRnLA algorithms in adaptive mesh refinement codes
Anton Ivanov, Vadim Levchenko, Boris Korneev and Anastasia Perepelkina

Mathematical Modeling of Sustainable Coastal Systems Development Scenarios Based on Game-Theoretic Concepts of Hierarchical Management Using Supercomputer Technologies
Yulia Belova, Alexander Chistyakov, Alla Nikitina and Vladimir Litvinov

Multiple-Precision BLAS Library for Graphics Processing Units
Konstantin Isupov and Vladimir Knyazkov

New compact streaming in LBM with ConeFold LRnLA algorithms
Anastasia Perepelkina, Vadim Levchenko and Andrey Zakirov

Nonlinear bending instabilities accompanying clump and filament formation in collisions of nebulae
Valery Goryachev and Boris Rybakin

Numerical Forecast of Local Meteorological Conditions on a Supercomputer
Alexander Starchenko, Sergey Prohanov, Eugeniy Danilkin and Dmitry Lechinsky

Optimization of load balancing algorithms in parallel modeling of objects using a large number of grids
Vladislav Fofanov and Nikolay Khokhlov

Parallel BIILU2-based iterative solution of linear systems in reservoir simulation: do optimal parameters exist?
Igor Konshin, Kirill Nikitin, Kirill Terekhov and Yuri Vassilevski

Parallel Box-Counting Method for Evaluating the Fractal Dimension of Analytically Defined Curves
Ilya Pershin, Dmitrii Tumakov and Angelina Markina

Parallel efficiency of time-integration strategies for the next generation global weather prediction model
Vladimir Shashkin and Gordey Goyman

Parallel Gravitational Search Algorithm in Solving the Inverse Problem of Chemical Kinetics
Leniza Enikeeva, Dmitry Smirnov, Irek Gubaydullin and Mikhail Marchenko

Parallel Multilevel Linear Solvers within INMOST Platform
Kirill Terekhov

Predictive quantum-chemical design of molecules of high-energy heterocyclic compounds
Vadim Volokhov, Tatyana Zyubina, Alexander Volokhov, Elena Amosova, Dmitry Varlamov and David Lempert

Privacy-Preserving Logistic Regression as a Cloud Service based on Residue Number System
Jorge Mario Cortés-Mendoza, Andrei Tchernykh, Mikhail Babenko, Luis Bernardo Pulido-Gaytán, Gleb Radchenko, Franck Leprevost, Xinheng Wang and Arutyun Avetisyan

Quantum Software Engineering: Quantum gate-based computational intelligence supremacy
Olga Ivancova, Vladimir Korenkov, Nikita Ryabov and Sergey Ulyanov

Replication of “tail” computations in a Desktop Grid project
Evgeny Ivashko and Natalia Nikitina

Research of hardware implementations efficiency of sorting algorithms created by using Xilinx’s High-Level Synthesis tool
Alexander Antonov, Denis Besedin and Alexey Filippov

Resource-Efficient Parallel CG Algorithms for Linear Systems Solving on Heterogeneous Platforms
Nikita S. Nedozhogin, Sergey P. Kopysov and Alexandr K. Novikov

Risky search with increasing complexity by a Desktop Grid
Ilya Chernov and Evgeny Ivashko

Running Many-Task Applications Across Multiple Resources with Everest Platform
Oleg Sukhoroslov, Vladimir Voloshinov and Sergey Smirnov

Set Classification in Set@l Language for Architecture-Independent Programming of High-Performance Computer Systems
Ilya Levin, Alexey Dordopulo, Ivan Pisarenko and Andrey Melnikov

Shared Memory based MPI Broadcast Algorithms for NUMA systems
Mikhail Kurnosov and Elizaveta Tokmasheva

Similarity Mining of Message Passing Delays in Supercomputer Networks Based on Peak and Step Detection
Artur Begaev, Alexey Salnikov and Archil Maysuradze

Simulations in Problems of Ultrasonic Tomographic Testing of Flat Objects on a Supercomputer
Sergey Y. Romanov

SoftGrader: automated solution checking system
Alexander Sysoyev, Mikhail Krivonosov, Denis Prytov and Anton Shtanyuk

Solving the problem of texture images classification using synchronous distributed deep learning on desktop grid
Ilya Kurochkin and Ilya Kostylev

Students' favorite parallel programming practices
Igor Konshin

Supercomputer implementation of a high resolution coupled ice- ocean model for forecasting the state of the Arctic Ocean
Leonid Kalnitskii, Maxim Kaurkin, Konstantin Ushakov and Rashit Ibrayev    

Supercomputer modeling of the hydrodynamics of shallow water with salt and heat transport
Alexander Sukhinov, Alexander Chistyakov, Vladimir Litvinov, Asya Atayan, Alla Nikitina and Alena Filina

Supercomputer Simulations in Development of 3D Ultrasonic Tomography Devices
Alexander Goncharsky and Sergey Seryozhnikov

The Algorithms Properties and Structure Study as a Mandatory Element of Modern IT Education
Alexander Antonov and Vladimir Voevodin

The Numerical Simulation of Radial Age Gradients in Spiral Galaxies
Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh, Dmitry Karavaev, Viktor Protasov, Vladislav Nenashev and Vladimir Prigarin

Towards High Performance Relativistic Electronic Structure Modelling: The EXP-T Program Package
Alexander Oleynichenko, Andrei Zaitsevskii and Ephraim Eliav

Transient Halo in Thin Cloud Layers: Numerical Modeling
Yaroslaw Ilyushin

Tuning ANNs Hyperparameters and Neural Architecture search using HPC
Kamil Khamitov, Nina Popova, Yuri Konkov and Tony Castillo