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Prof. Jack Dongarra

University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and University of Manchester, USA

"Russian Supercomputing Days will provide attendees with an in depth overview of the research, technologies, and activities in Russian supercomputing and computational science. In addition to the technical program there will be an exhibition of the newest hardware and software technologies for supercomputing."


Prof. Hiroaki Kobayashi

Director and Professor of Cyberscience Center, Professor of Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan

"Supercomputer Days is the premier forum to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future supercomputing technologies and exchange experiences and new ideas on HPC among scientists, application developers and hardware engineers. I am looking forward to this wonderful HPC event every year, and always enjoyed the fruitful discussion with not only Russian colleagues but also world-wide distinguished researchers."


Prof. Jesus Labarta

Director Computer Sciences Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

"The Russian Supercomputing days provide a unique opportunity to share visions and recent developments in Supercomputing, its application and educational challenges. Really looking forward to meet the vibrant Russian HPC community."




Prof. Mateo Valero Cortés

Director of Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Spain

"The Russian Supercomputing days, this year at the second edition, are becoming an important venue for the international supercomputing community to get together, review the progress in the field and discuss supercomputing plans in the various parts of the world. I look forward to this event and will be happy to contribute from an European stand point as I did last year. I really learn and enjoyed the people and Moscow during these days."


Prof. Thomas Sterling

Professor of Informatics and Computing at the Indiana University (IU) School of Informatics and Computing, Chief Scientist of the IU Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST), USA

"The Russian Computing Days forum inaugurates a new environment of exchange among the rapidly emerging Russian HPC academic and industry and the international supercomputing community. It provides a dynamic environment for in-depth collegial discussions on premiere current practices and state-of-the-art future research directions. Russian Computing Days is becoming one of my must-attend annual meetings."